I have built the careers of hundreds of models and stars. 

Look, feel and earn like a Star!

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They talk about me

You should redo this course if:

You love the world of fashion and dream of a modeling career!
You want to work with famous photographers!
You like to travel and want to lead an interesting life!
If you answered YES, but don't know what to do to sign a contract with an agency, I'll tell you

For whom is this COURSE?

For girls who have no experience in modeling, but dream of entering it.

For beginner models, who have had their first sessions but want to accelerate their career development.

For fashion enthusiasts, who love this world, want to be part of it and live an exciting life.

For ambitious girls, who are motivated to fulfill a dream and become a TOP model!

This course will help you especially if you want:

✅ enter this industry

💁‍♀️ have beautiful skin

👏 overcome your fear

🤳 be able to pose

🔥 take action

💪 get motivated

✈️ travel the world

🖋️ sign contracts

🙌 unfold potential

🥦 eat healthy

👠 walk the catwalk

🤝 make connections

🥇 become successful

💃 be confident

📸 build a portfolio

🌟 build your career

I assure you that your dreams can become a reality! In my course I will teach you everything you need to know to start your adventure in the industry. I will reveal to you a ready formula on how to become a model!

Listen to what they say about my method:

Magda Ziajor, 31 lat
Karolina Pisarek, 26 lat
Daniela Szpejna, 19 lat
Karolina Leżuchowska, 23 lata
Klaudia Żymankowska, 27 lat
Aleksandra Wacyra, 34 lata
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Once you have gone through my course, you will know:

How to implement healthy eating habits
You will learn the secrets of health and beauty professionals. You will learn how to easily persevere with your diet.
How to pose and walk in stilettos
You will learn how to walk the catwalk professionally and how to behave in front of the camera.
How to choose a modeling niche
With my help you will develop the best strategy to enter the modeling industry for yourself.
How to build self-confidence
You will develop the confidence and attitude that will lead you to success in life.
How to sign a contract with an agency
You will learn how to impress agents and maximize your chances of signing a contract.
How to manage your finances
You will learn how to manage money wisely and how to calculate salaries.

Thanks to my strategy, Forbes valued my clients’ brands at a total of 115,330,000, and one of them was included in Vogue’s 30 Models of the Decade list!

Joanna Krupa
Karolina Pisarek
Kasia Struss

See what they have to say about me:

Who is going to be your teacher?

My name is Gosia Leitner. For 17 years I have been running a top modeling agency Avant Models and a modeling school Avant School in Poland.

I have helped hundreds of girls sign contracts with agencies, from many I have made stars, millionaires. My students are fulfilling their dreams of working in front of the camera, on photo sets, traveling all over the world. I have built the careers of Carolina Pisarek, Joanna Krupa, Kasia Struss, Sandra Kubicka and many others.

Now it’s your turn!.

See what industry experts are saying:

Karolina Pisarek


” The modeling school brings us closer to ourselves. It allows us to develop ourselves, and guarantees not only a good time, but also enriches you with very valuable experiences for each of us.”

Katarzyna Karwowska-Dołega

Mom of 15-year-old Nikola

“The modeling course was a great lesson for our daughter, she fulfilled her dreams of modeling and we feel fantastic about it as parents!”

Maciej Majzner

Fashion show producer and director

“Gosia Leitner probably does not need to be introduced to anyone who is interested in the fashion and show business industry. She knows these fields inside out and has been successfully working as a manager of celebrities and models for years. She is responsible for some of the biggest media careers and knows exactly what to do to make a name for herself in the industry.”

Vincenzo Straziota

Louis Vuitton Expert

“Gosia has been in the industry for years and knows well what sophisticated style and Top Class Fashion are, she teaches girls that a woman’s style is the result of combining knowledge and familiarity with trends with self-confidence.”

See what it looks like from the inside

What will you find in my course?

My course is 7 steps = 7 modules that will guide you through all the most important issues.
No fluff! Specifics that will help you take your first steps in the industry and accelerate your career. Helpful tricks, proven ways, real-life stories. Everything you need to know and be able to do in a nutshell!



Module 1 – A model is not born. You become one

/ 7 lessons

You will develop the self-confidence that will lead you to success in life.

This module includes:
Lesson 1. Confidence: a key trait of millionaires.
Lesson 2. Why are you even doing this?
Lesson 3. Set your sights on a (life) project!
Lesson 4. How to achieve success?
Lesson 5. how to be resilient to failure
Lesson 6. secret spells, or affirmations for future topmodels!
Lesson 7. what to be thankful for today?



Module 2 – Your choices

/ 8 lessons

You will develop the best industry entry strategy for yourself.

This module includes:
Lesson 1. Where did it all start? A brief history of modeling!
Lesson 2. What kind of model are you? Choose your niche!
Lesson 3. How to choose an agency and be appreciated?
Lesson 4. How to properly measure yourself for a casting?
Lesson 5. How to prepare for polaroids?
Lesson 6. How to make polaroids for casting yourself?
Lesson 7. How to properly send an application form to an agency?
Lesson 8. How to make a good appearance at an agency meeting?



Module 3 – Healthy habits

/ 8 lessons

You will learn how to easily endure in taking care of your complexion, diet, exercise.

This module includes:
Lesson 1. Miracle diet? My proven methods!
Lesson 2. Eating is 80% of success: What and when to eat?
Lesson 3. How to combine products, that is, centimeters down, mood up!
Lesson 4. A liter on a good day? That is, what and when to drink?
Lesson 5. beautiful skin, thick hair!
Lesson 6. Exercise, stretch and relax!
Lesson 7. Are there perfect measurements? Accept yourself and don’t compare!
Lesson 8. A word from me!



Module 4 – The art of styling

/ 8 lessons

You will learn the composition of an outfit. You will learn the fashion do’s and don’ts of models.

This module includes:
Lesson 1. Introduction. What does a stylist really do?
Lesson 2. What is a model’s distinctive style?
Lesson 3. The mandatory 10 things in a topmodel’s closet!
Lesson 4. How to combine things to look cool?
Lesson 5. white shirt, or elegance in several ways!
Lesson 6. Hit: one dress for 3 occasions!
Lesson 7. How to pose for a photo shoot in strange clothes.
Lesson 8. 11 tips for a beginner model!



Module 5 – The art of posing

/ 8 lessons

You will learn everything you need to know about photo sessions, posing and working on a set.

This module includes:
Lesson 1. How do you prepare for a photoshoot? Tips from a model.
Lesson 2. How to pose for an image session?
Lesson 3. How to pose for a lookbook session?
Lesson 4. Hands in pockets? Watch out for that!
Lesson 5. How to pose in a long dress?
Lesson 6. How to pose in sportswear?
Lesson 7. how to pose for a beauty shoot?
Lesson 8. How much does a model earn in commercials?



Module 6 – The art of walking

/ 7 lessons

You will learn how to walk the catwalk professionally and behave in front of the camera.

This module includes:
Lesson 1. Introduction: charisma. You’ve got it!
Lesson 2. professionalism, or how to win castings
Lesson 3. Strength for the catwalk!
Lesson 4. Shame? Get rid of it, or exercises to improve limberness!
Lesson 5. Learn to walk like a top model!
Lesson 6. What to do at the end of the catwalk? Some posing tips from a fashion show director.
Lesson 7. self-confidence, or how to be a star according to Maciej Majzner!



Module 7 – Money, ethics and criticism - how to swim in the deep end?

/ 8 lessons

You will learn how to sign a contract with an agency and how much you will earn as a model.

This module includes:
Lesson 1. Savoir vivre in modeling work.
Lesson 2. Work ethics in the industry, or what not to do.
Lesson 3. A word from me.
Lesson 4. English for beginner models.
Lesson 5. How much do models earn and how to calculate their salary?
Lesson 6. What does a parent agency do and what is agency debt?
Lesson 7. How to manage the box office?
Lesson 8. What should you know about the agency contract?

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You get bonuses buying the course!

Catwalk, or how to start walking in stilettos in 6 steps

I will tell you how to translate your charm and charisma into a model’s workshop! You will master the art of moving in stilettos.

Making Polaroids at home - a checklist

Checklist, with which you will step by step create perfect photos, with which you will significantly increase your chances of being accepted to a modeling agency.

Diary of gratitude

An indispensable companion on the road to success! A tool with which you will learn to practice positive attitude and happiness.

Principles of combining nutritional products

Rules I stick to when composing my meals. Inspirations for you to discover healthy eating habits.

List of proven and recommended agencies in Poland

A compilation you won’t find anywhere else! I’m putting into your hands a list of agencies I’ve checked out, along with the contacts to which it’s best to turn.

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You will get access to the course for a whole year (i.e. 365 days).

Of course! When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate to prove it.

Yes. To receive an invoice, check the appropriate box when making a purchase.

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